Abandoned MBTA Tunnels: A New Space for Art Galleries?

Boston is home to one of the oldest subway systems in America. Naturally over the decades new tunnels are opened and old tunnels are closed. Have you ever thought about what happens to the abandoned T tunnels? Do they simply get destroyed, or are they just sealed up and forgotten? What happens when neither of these occur and they are left to sit there as empty and rusting channels that wind through and connect our city? Well, a truly groundbreaking idea has come to fruition, and the hope of these designers is to create a space for pedestrians where an array of art can be displayed!

It sounds like an awfully strange idea, to essentially encourage people to venture underground as a form of our beautiful city’s attraction. However, architects Sapir Ng and Andrzej Zarzycki see it as an opportunity for Boston, calling it the ‘Tremont Underground Theatre Space’. This was an award-winning idea that came to the forefront roughly a year ago. There were many proponents to such a revitalization plan of this truly lost and useless space, although the designers are still waiting for the T’s full support and approval before they can make any concrete announcements regarding their ultimate goal.

To have a fully redesigned and modern space with artwork and theatre performances that locals and visitors alike could enjoy would be a nice alternative for getting around to several key city points. Can you imagine this as opposed to walking outdoors in the peak winter seasons, maybe even bicycles would have a designated lane inside? Paul Regan, the director of the MBTA Advisory Board and T spokesman, Joe Pesaturo, are going to be open minded when the designers come to further discuss their dream vision. This will happen with T officials in the beginning months of 2012 as well as reaching out to Suffolk University, Emerson College and people and businesses above the tunnels. We shall see what developments come from this in the near future, it certainly will be a fascinating proposal to follow.

More Information: Metro.us

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