Gibson Sotheby's International Realty is the most powerful firm in Greater Boston. We offer a unique opportunity to seasoned agents who wish to grow their businesses to new heights. We offer the kind of branding and support that allows experienced agents to fulfill their potential. Our support includes...

  • An in-house marketing department
  • A Director of Productivity
  • A skilled management team
  • On-site ownership

Our presence is strong in Boston's diverse and historic neighborhoods, as well as the many beautiful surrounding suburbs. Though our sales rank is in the top 3 in the state, we are truly a boutique agency at heart, with on-site owners who care about and invest in their agents -- and don't compete with them.

  • Benefit from unrivaled support
  • Elevate your price point
  • Grasp the opportunity for career growth
  • Build personal and professional wellness
  • See examples of agent successes stories

To speak with Gibson Sotheby’s International Realty to talk about career opportunities contact Paul McGann.

Unrivaled Support

We invest in your business by offering unparalleled support.

Gibson Sotheby's International Realty invests in each agent's business. In many circumstances, these added benefits are not available at other firms or are only available at an additional cost.

Our Marketing Department offers a portfolio of company-provided services available at no cost to you, including professional photography, copywriting, online marketing, graphic design, direct mail, print, and social media outreach. They provide tailored agent marketing plans, as well as marketing strategies for individual properties to give listing agents an edge at the kitchen table. There is a comprehensive local marketing plan, which includes regular ongoing advertising/outreach to support you and your listings. They've also secured premium company-provided packages for your listings on, and

Each office has its own office administrator for support, to assist with office tasks, printing and other items.

We have cost savings and special relationships with product and service providers through Sotheby's International Realty's Marquis Privileges.

Our Relocation Manager provides incoming leads to our pool of qualified agents. This individual guides you through the process of placing outgoing leads. The Relocation Manager has established relationships with several moving service providers so that you can offer more to your clients. We also have relationships with third party relocation companies with incoming business such as SIRVA, Primacy and Graebel, as well as a strong referral network from our 700+ offices in 52 countries and territories, totaling over 14,500 agents.

Our Director of Productivity provides one-to-one coaching and business planning. They assist our agents with individual goal-setting and together they monitor their improvement. The Director of Productivity has helped agents increase their price points, number of transactions, and overall sales volume -- in some cases even doubling it.

Our leadership team consists of a highly skilled, on-site Associate Directors of Sales to offer guidance and assistance in each office. There is also an experienced management team supporting them to provide guidance to the agents, offices and company as a whole. Our Director of Operations supports our agents with sales transaction issues, regulatory questions, and other sales guidance.

Finally, our owners, Larry Rideout and Paul McGann, are locally based and are committed to making themselves accessible to our agents -- not competing with them, as is often found in boutique agencies. They have decades of experience in managing and growing real estate companies throughout the United States, resulting in a uniquely global view of the market and industry. But, most importantly, being based in Boston means they have the flexibility and power to make decisions quickly and efficiently. In a world that moves quickly, that can be critical to your success.

Elevate Your Price Point

The Members Site provides resources for listing presentations, self-led and instructor-led classes, branded materials and an exclusive iPad app known as the Anthology to communicate the many powerful elements of Sotheby's global reach.

Our local, regional and international marketing is driven by the team of specialized experts in our on-site Marketing Department in Boston. This means our agents don't have to do it all. One agent who recently joined us commented that the support from Marketing saved her 10-15 hours per week. She and her business partner used that time to increase their sales volume by 60%.

Personal sales coaching is often costly and inconvenient. Our Director of Productivity spends time with agents in each office as a company-provided service. This individual presents ways to improve all aspects of business, from time management to listing presentation skills. They also help agents who are transitioning from other firms to most effectively leverage the brand. Our per-agent-productivity is the highest of the top five firms in the state.

Our offices are located in key neighborhoods and towns to allow you to reach luxury markets and clients. With hotel desks in each space, you can feel free to work from any office. If you think it could be an advantage, you can participate in multiple office meetings and have multiple sets of business cards. We want to do what it takes to grow your business and fulfill your potential.

65% of clients only interview one agent, choosing to work with the first agent that responds -- we have the system that allows you to be that agent. Our leads are distributed quickly and fairly to all participating agents. Each lead is sent directly to your phone to allow for rapid response, providing you the best opportunity to gain that prospective client's business. Listing leads go to the listing agent. Buyer leads are distributed to the next available agent.

Opportunity for Career Growth

The opportunity for growth and success is unmatched.

In this highly competitive world, we provide the best opportunity to create a successful and lasting real estate sales career. Several of our agents have three decades of experience and success. Our top producing agents have realized the successes they had once only imagined. We have achieved record-setting prices and considerable recognition within our own international brand.

We offer free workshops to improve on prospecting, business building and more. We also offer semi-annual company-wide meetings with well-known guest speakers to bring in an outside perspective. We have enjoyed such wonderful speakers as Matthew Ferrara, Jack Cotton, and David Knox.

The bi-annual Sotheby's International Realty Global Networking Event is a wonderful opportunity to meet colleagues from other countries and affiliates spread throughout the United States. This three day gala offers renowned keynote speakers, break-away learning sessions, ample networking opportunities, as well as fantastic sightseeing in beautiful locations. Those who attend come back reinvigorated in their career and with new friends in international locations. It has resulted in many referrals and other business opportunities.

We offer a trip to Sotheby’s, the New York auction house, to learn about the exciting world of art and antiquities. Our colleagues at Sotheby's Wine also provide insight into their collections. We meet with our real estate colleagues in Manhattan and organize tours of available luxury properties.

Our powerful international website is the top searched site for luxury properties. Nearly half of the visitors to are from outside the United States. Moreover, the U.S. remains as the #1 searched country. Our local website has been a strong resource for local clients, as well as having been visited by viewers in over 202 countries and territories. This brings more eyes to your listings and provides incredible value to luxury home owners.

Personal and Professional Wellness

We have several outings and programs to build general wellness.

  • Fitness
    • Fitbit program and contest
    • Discounts at local gym
  • Health
    • Cooking classes from Boston Wellness Coaches
  • Cultural
    • Paint Nite
    • NYC Sotheby’s auction house trips
    • Yearly boat cruise on the Harbor
  • Learning
    • Workshop/seminar series (read more below)
    • GSIR library
    • Sales meetings with guest speakers

Past workshops include:

  • Prospecting for Listings
  • Mastering the Two-Step Listing Presentation
  • Prospecting: Sphere of Influence and Networking
  • Negotiating
  • Mortgage: 101
  • Going Mobile with Evernote and Dropbox
  • Prospecting: Open Houses and Farming
  • Converting Online Lead
  • Using RPR
  • Using DotLoop
  • Various CEU classes sponsored by other organizations exclusively for our agents

The Results

See how we have helped agents achieve their goals.

Our collective efforts have allowed many agents to reach their full potential. They represent backgrounds in each brand, several even owned their own businesses. They each discovered that their skill could be combined with our support and the Sotheby's brand to achieve their goals. That is why our per-agent-productivity is so high -- we rely on sales from every agent.

Here is a sample of individuals who have dramatically increased their business since joining Gibson Sotheby’s International Realty:

  • William Montero
  • Beth Dickerson
  • George Ballantyne
  • Julie Harrison
  • Tom Kennedy
  • Joanne Taranto and Tom Matthews
  • Veronika Breer
  • Ralph Smith Jr
  • Frank Celeste
  • Tammy DeWolfe
  • Kerry Dowlin
  • Tim Deihl and Amy Butterworth