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It is a Family That Makes a Home

Winchester Real Estate

79 Lawson Road, Winchester

Three local brothers, two principals of Rockwood Construction Corporation and one Broker Associate for Gibson Sotheby's International Realty, have recently completed what they consider their masterpiece of the year. This stunning handcrafted success stands two stories high on 79 Lawson Road in Winchester.

Joe Marino, Jim Marino, and Anthony Marino, are just three of a family of 17 children. All born and raised in the town of Winchester, they have expressed their hometown pride over the years through giving back to their community by creating beautiful luxurious hand crafted homes in which they have devoted immense dedication.

The three brothers work together in personally handling every aspect of the process from building to selling their work. The three put forth the love and devotion of that of family into these houses to produce perfection in which they take personal pride in.Joe and Jim are both principals of Rockwood Construction Corporation. The two handcraft up to 50 percent of each house that the family builds. Anthony, a Broker Associate at Gibson Sothebys International Realty plays a key role in the process by assuring that the family tribute will go to a deserving owner that appreciates what their family has put into the house.

Anthony speaks admirably of his two brothers in his description of the construction process and the tireless efforts that go into creating such an impeccable creation, We plan, design, and custom build each new luxury home, we hand pick all of the finishes, colors, tiles, flooring, millwork, trim, granite, and lighting. As of late we have been custom making in each house, the extensive millwork and cabinetry that these large homes require in temporary made work shops on site. Libraries, Wine cellars, Coach-style garage doors, mud rooms, decorative copper exterior roofs, bathroom vanities, and the complete kitchens are hand-made/custom made by Joe and Jim.

The Marinos only build one house a year so that they are able to put generous amounts of their time and energy into making sure that they achieve perfection. They portray the home as a reflection of their devotion to both their love for the job and their love for their family. When a home is completed it is not something to celebrate simply because the job is done and they can begin another, they celebrate the uniqueness of the house they have created as something that will live on in time as something they take the utmost pride in, a Marino family creation.

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