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Kitchen Cabinet - Fall into Fall. Monday, November 14th.

Kitchen Cabinet - Greater Boston Food Bank

Kitchen Cabinet - Greater Boston Food Bank

Since the year 2005, the group known as The Kitchen Cabinet has made great strides to end the fight against hunger in many Greater Boston area communities. With just 53 current members, these business professionals extend the mission of their cause by engaging their colleagues, friends, family and even strangers to come together for events aimed at improving the status quo of Bostons surrounding neighborhoods. In association with Boston Magazines Taste, the co-chairs of The Kitchen Cabinet, Meg Staknis and Sandra Serie have organized the next happening known as Fall Into Fall which will take place on Monday, November 14th, 2011.

Supporting the Greater Boston Food Bank as their primary target, The Kitchen Cabinet organization works tirelessly to have as many volunteer opportunities as possible. Hunger in Massachusetts affects more people than one might imagine. This is precisely why this group of individuals tries relentlessly to have tons of fun and uplifting gatherings that will raise the greatest amount of money possible. Last year, Fall Into Fall raised more than $24,000 which in turn was able to supply over 60,400 meals! Gibson Sothebys International Realtys own Andrew McLaughlin is one of the aforementioned 53 members of this group and will also be volunteering his time and energy on November 14th for the betterment of this struggle that he hopes to end.

The event will kick off on Monday, November 14th will at 5:30PM with the Kitchen Cabinet Pre-Cocktail Party located at Dante, 40 Edwin H. Lane Boulevard in Cambridge and will run until 7:30PM. From there, the night continues at the Museum of Science at 1 Science Park in Boston from 8:00PM until 10:30PM. All of the proceeds from ticket sales will go towards putting food on the table for those in need. With a ticket, one gets complimentary parking at the Museum of Science, as well as beer, wine and hors doeuvres. The evening will consist of a silent auction as well as raffle items that will be donated from caring groups or people who know that the money raised from their generosity will make a difference in the lives of many of our hungry neighbors. The donation of money and food are also highly encouraged as alternative ways to give aid to these people who are in dire need within our state that we so deeply love and care for.

The cost of admission will go as follows:

  • For those who wish to only attend the Kitchen Cabinet Pre-Cocktail Party, tickets will be $75 per person
  • For individuals looking to continue this exciting evening and attend both the Kitchen Cabinet Pre-Cocktail Party and then have General Admission to the Boston Magazines Taste Event at 8:00PM, tickets will be $95 per person
  • For a fee of $150 per person, one can attend the Kitchen Cabinet Pre-Cocktail Party and then get early VIP Access (7:00PM-8:00PM) to the Boston Magazine Taste Event

All in all, this occasion hopes to improve upon last years figures and continue the rising reputation for alleviating the fears of hunger that The Kitchen Cabinet is establishing. Participants can purchase their tickets online.

For further information contact Gail C. Favreau through email or by phone at 617.598.5050.

Andrew McLaughlin, The Kitchen Cabinet and the Greater Boston community look forward to seeing everyone at Dante!

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