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New Westwood Public Library in the Works!

Plans are in place for a new public library located in Westwood, Massachusetts! This library is in close association with the plans of the Colburn School of the town. This is because the Colburn School will be moving to the old Westwood Public Library location. The new library aims to totally change the way in which it used to be viewed by now being quite meticulous as to how they landscape the exterior of the building.

Having everything from a proposed rain garden to healthy, saved trees that will be transported to the new property from the old one, there will be a new breath of life into the new library development. The reason for this is that room will need to be made at the former library location for the construction of the school which will require more space. There will be no irrigation system at the new property due to the fact that under the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification, the implementation of such a system would cause the energy output of the property to exceed the limited amount required in order to be energy efficient. With that said, the plants that will be chosen for the entry way path and the rest of the property will be ones that do not require a frequent water source in order to survive; they will be drought resistant.

There is always some risk when transporting trees as some may not survive the move or the relocation once re-earthed in the ground. Moreover, three trees in particular that have been approved for the move are a Dogwood and a Zelkova tree, costing approximately $2,000 in fees each, and another Magnolia that would also set the project back anywhere from $500-$1000. Much of this development of course is dependant on the future Colburn Schools plans. However, regardless of situation, the new and improved green library will be a welcomed and fresh improvement to the town of Westwood!


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