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Cambridge Real Estate: More Housing on the Horizon

Last month there were meetings regarding the future of Central Square. In 2010, the Mayor of Cambridge, David Maher, established the Mayors Red Ribbon Commission on the Delights and Concerns of Central Square. The Commission has roughly 120 members from all walks of life who are residents of Cambridge and who all are dedicated to improving the future outlook of Central Square. The ultimate goal of this Commission, whose chairman is Kenneth E. Reeves, is to bring Central Square back to a point of prestige. This will be such a place that will house food and goods markets, have a great deal more housing and also have subsidized day care centers in the area. This is fantastic news for Cambridge real estate specifically and the city as a whole.

An incubation center with space to support musicians, visual arts, writers and dancers is also in the works and is being discussed.

These proposals are just a small portion of the greater vision of Brent Ryan, the Assistant Professor of Urban Design and Public Policy in MITs Department of Urban Studies and Planning. Ryan is the individual who heads the developing and designing aspect of the project. He, along with his team from MIT, have worked and played with this plan for Central Square for quite some time now. One of the other proposals also put fourth by the group is an idea to build upwards of 1,000 residences in Central Square. This would come from creating completely new establishments to be constructed on parking lots and even ideas of developing atop of some of the existing one-or-two-story buildings to allow for increased levels above them to be made for homes. Generally, these unsubsidized living spaces will be suited for the middle-class and the proposed project will also include plenty of affordable housing units for the public.

Clearly, Central Square may soon have a massive face-lift. This will only create more jobs, energy and attractiveness to the area for business, residents and visitors alike. Lets stay tuned!

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