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South Boston Real Estate - Massive Changes on the Way

Get a good picture of South Boston now, because the culture in "Southie" is about to dramatically change.

The much discussed Innovation District is totally renovating the South Boston and Waterfront neighborhoods. The plan is for young, tech-savy individuals to come from the world-class universities in the area or from afar, all to settle down in this new neighborhood. It certainly is one that is destined to keep people in the area permanently, with roughly 90 new firms and some 1,700 or so units planning to set root.

As we recently discussed, there also will be a great amount of micro-style Manhattan apartments that will start at 375 square feet running as large as 500 square feet. These style of apartments are strategically targeting young, single or coupled individuals who have no immediate plans for expansion in their family. In terms of such expansion, the only form destined for this area will be in real estate, businesses and the soon to be vibrant, intelligent and exciting population that will call South Boston home. The rental fees that will be achieved from these smaller units will loosely range from $1,200-$1,500, as it has been reported. As a result, this notion for creating an affordable lifestyle will lead to residents who would rather be conversing in the public indoor and outdoor spaces of the neighborhood as opposed to being alone in their smaller apartments.

Some of the developments soon to on the drawing board include:

  • Waterside Place - 236 apartments, 19-stories
  • Pier 4 - 357 apartments, 21-stories
  • Seaport Square - 750 apartments, 22-stories
  • 411 D Street - 197 apartments, 2 buildings (one will be 5-stories, the other 6-stories)
  • 319 A Street - 202 apartments, 20-stories

In Boston, there will soon be more attractive residential areas than ever, as our citys charm only continues to expand. For more on this article please visit the link below:

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  1. Alex Cortez @ Maui Real Estate on

    Having gone to school in Boston (BC), I try to keep an eye on what is going on in Beantown and I must say that this 'Innovation District' seems like a phenomenal idea.
    • Ben Rego on

      It really and truly is going to be a lovely new neighborhood! With all of the developments and businesses/restaurants soon to be in the area, it is sure to be a very popular location for years to come!

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