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Boston Real Estate News: MA Selling Lots to Build Mini-City

The Big Dig was an immense overhaul and changed the way Bostonians and visitors navigate in and around our city. The stress and chaos that this project caused for commuters over the years is undeniable, but now that is is complete we can safely say it was all worth it. Who would of thought that this massive construction would also be the birth of a new vacant development site?

Well, the Big Dig created a 20-acre property currently owned by the State of Massachusetts, which lies in between South Boston and Chinatown. The long-term goal for such valuable territory is to establish a new and iconic entrance into the city of Boston. The completion of such an ambitious creation of a new mini-city center within Boston will of course take years. Nonetheless, developers are aiming for at least 1,500 housing units, a variety of parks that link up with the nearby Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway, destination-worthy restaurants and stores, and many high-rise office buildings with contemporary architectural influences to leave any onlooker admiring in awe.

Parcel 25, as it is known, is the first plot of land that the State is now accepting bids on. These bids, which are due in March, account for 1.7 acres that run along Kneeland Street. One positive on this land, amongst the many for any developer, is that it will be incredibly easy to receive approval on a project proposal for the party or group that wins the bid. The redevelopment authority is fully on board with the aspirations of having this area redefine the where the vibrant hot-spots to live and work are in Boston. A negative aspect is that Parcel 25s developers do have to strategically design unique segments of construction by taking into account the roads and highways that wind in and around the property.

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