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Boston South End Real Estate: South End Named Best Neighborhood

Do you live in Boston? Or are you considering a move? Of course finding the right neighborhood be it for permanent residence or for a vacation getaway is truly circumstantial. It depends on the people and what they are looking for, what will best mean home, or in many cases, home away from home for them. If voting were the case, every neighborhood would have proponents claiming theirs is superior, but lets imagine from a broader picture of 500 people who were recently polled.

In a recent neighborhood poll by Curbedinand around Boston, Cambridge and Somerville matched head to head. The bracket format looked exactly as if it were the NCAA Sweet Sixteen tournament, matching up 16 (it even ranked the locations) neighborhoods vs. one another to then get voted on to determine which should go through to the next round. The number 1 ranked neighborhood was Beacon Hill, with Mission Hill as number 16 rounding out the tournament.

The Final Four, as it were, came down to Beacon Hill vs. South End in the Northern Bracket, and the North End vs. Cambridge in the Southern Bracket. The South End and Cambridge were the ones to advance for what would surely be a hotly contested final round. With just 63% of the final vote, the South End came out victorious as the Neighborhood of the Year for 2011!

Seeing where your neighborhood or place of interest fell with respect to public opinion was really a fun way to see where the interest lies concerning our area!

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