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Real Estate News: Warren Buffett notes housing boost from high demand and low interest rates

Warren Buffett is certainly a man who speaks his mind on many different factors impacting the economy in our nations society. Now he has recently been interviewed and shared his contentions about the real estate market trends from today and into the future. The real estate climate, he insists, will receive quite the boost due to the low interest rates and consistently increasing high demand for property.

Buffetts annual letter to Berkshire Hathaways shareholders brought forth his notion that although people, and young individuals in particular, can be assumed to be holding onto their money during difficult times and still living at home, eventually hormones takeover and leaving the in laws home to move out and live with ones significant other will be the trend for all, regardless of their economic situation.

In some time, regarded by Buffett as quite soon, the market system will be restored and all of the other industries that depend on the housing industry will also benefit. Before long there will once again be one million or more residential housing units that will be constructed in America year after year. In recent times, there have been more housing units than actual occupied households, although this is expected to once level out as it typically is equal throughout most prosperous years. Critics will be overwhelmingly surprised by just how much this stabilization in effect has lessened the percentage of those who remain unemployed across the country.

When referring to broad trends in the economy of the United States, Buffett has proven to often be correct while also sharing credible solid advice for us all. Buffett goes on to be quoted by CNBC commenting about how single-family homes are now a great investment as well as discussing interest rates and mortgages. For more on Buffets comments, we highly encourage you to view the article.

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