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Real Estate Tips: Updating your Home on a Budget

Update your home, Renovate your kitchen, Renovate your Bathrooms

Renovate your Kitchen

When thinking about improving your home either for your benefit or for the possibility that you wish to bring it to market in the near future, there are some key things to consider. Essentially, one will always want to make the necessary and structural alterations first, the ones that any discerning buyer would notice immediately such as cracked floors, water damage or peeling paint, etc. When anyone is viewing a home, they do so in a manner of caution. They want to ensure that themselves as well as their loved ones are resting their heads in a safe and sturdy environment night after night.

It is also incredibly vital that when putting money into your home you look to the locations that have the most importance to a buyer, ones that they spend the most time in or would be the most overwhelmed to update themselves if that be needed. Rooms such as the kitchens and the bathrooms or others with such appliances and complicated fixtures usually are the best places to start. Updating the wallpaper or paint in the living or dining rooms is a far less daunting task. Recently there were ten ways released on how to best update ones home on a budget. Remember, only put into your home what you are confident you will get out of it or hopefully gain a profit from down the line. Please see below for some of these options and their corresponding estimated costs.

1. Open up your Kitchen - Cost: $1,000 for widening the door to $30,000 or more for removing walls 2. Modernize your Kitchen - Cost: $1,000 for do it yourselfers to $50,000 or more for contractor intervention 3. Make over your Bathrooms- Cost: $600 to $10,000 and up 4. Add a Bathroom - Cost: $5,000 to $20,000 and up 5. Finish your Basement - Cost: $25 to $100 a square foot 6. Find Storage Space - Cost: $200 and up 7. Create Built-in Storage- Cost:: $500 and up 8. Add a Dormer - Cost: $10,000 and up for a double dormer 9. Put a Studio or Office in an Outbuilding - Cost: $25 to $75 a square foot 10. Add Outdoor Living Space - Cost: $1,500 and up

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