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Real Estate Boom: 10 Stocks Proving Boston Real Estate Will Thrive

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10 Stocks Impacting Real Estate

The popular website known as The Street has shared some key details into the future of the Boston real estate market. What is fascinating to learn is that the way in which they have done so is not so much with recent real estate figures that we so commonly share, but to show predictions on the market via ten specific stocks on the market.

Real Estate Investment Trusts, or REITs as they are commonly known as, are leading the way in this comparison. It was shown that industrial and commercial real estate in particular are doing exceptionally well, the need for rental units is also benefiting with an anticipated 5-6% growth rate for new leases for the current year.

Which stocks and their subsequent numbers were shown to have the largest impact then? The Investor Takeaways, company profiles and more can be found at the link provided at the base of this report. Please take a look at the list below with their Dividend Yield also being shared.

10. Home Properties (HME) Dividend Yield - 4.5% 9. Essex Properties (ESS) Dividend Yield - 3.14% 8. UDR (UDR) Dividend Yield - 3.41% 7. Simon Property Group (SPG) Dividend Yield - 2.77% 6. Public Storage (PSA) Dividend Yield - 3.3% 5. Prologis (PLD) Dividend Yield - 3.32% 4. Health Care REIT (HCN) Dividend Yield - 5.4% 3. Boston Properties (BXP) Dividend Yield - 2.15% 2. Avalon Bay Communities (AVB) Dividend Yield - 2.93% 1. American Campus Communities (ACC) Dividend Yield - 3.28%

More Information: The Street

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