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Real Estate News: Beth Dickerson, #27 in Sales Volume Nationwide

Beth Dickerson, #27 in Sales Volume Nationwide

At Gibson Sothebys International Realty, we take serious pride in our brand and all of our first-rate agents who truly make the Sothebys brand the notable and successful one it is today. Representing us on a daily basis, our roughly two hundred agents all come into this business with a storied history in the field and a strong connection to Boston and our surrounding suburbs. From time to time some of these fantastic and driven individuals make sweeping headlines, from their wonderfully generous efforts at a local charity or event, to listing or selling a dramatic property. Well, yet again we have some truly jaw-dropping news to report, this time for our own Beth Dickerson.

Just recently, the 7th annual REAL Trends/The Wall Street Journal The Thousand rankings were announced. This details the top performing agents amongst the hundreds of thousands that work in Real Estate across the country. Once all of the final closings have come to fruition from the calendar year, the following Spring is when these accolades can be handed out. Therefore, although very shocking and incredibly thrilling to learn, it comes as no surprise to us that for all of 2011 Beth Dickerson made this list of the top 1,000 agents!

For the section entitled, The Top 250 Real Estate Professionals by Transaction Volume, Beth was also mentioned. All of her transactions for 2011 totaled a staggering $111,238,000 in sales volume. So where did she place in a list swarming with successful agents spread throughout the United States? We are proud to share that her hard work garnered her the 27th spot!

While these rankings take into account all of the agents regardless of their brand affiliation, when referring solely to Sothebys International Realty agents, Beth was the 5th best performer across the nation as well. As the top producer for us at Gibson Sothebys International Realty over the past year, Beth continues to shine in a role that always leads by example. She really is a role model to many due to her ambitious manner and professional way in which she carries out her business on a daily basis. We would like to congratulate Beth and all of the other agents and brokerages that have been mentioned, this hard-earned notoriety certainly does not go unnoticed and we definitely look forward to a future full of more successes and special accolades as such!

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