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Massachusetts Real Estate: Homes with Wine Cellars

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'Sotheby's Wine', Store Located in New York

We at Gibson Sothebys International Realty feel it necessary to always dig deeper and provide our clients with the utmost level of knowledge regarding a homes distinctive amenities. This is what led us to share in a past blog regarding some of the listings we have with pools in and around The Greater Boston Area. Not only are pools a tipping point in many sales, this mild winter seemingly has led us into the Spring and Summer seasons faster than ever hence why pools are an increasingly hot commodity.

The next point of interest within a home that we have considered to be ever so popular in todays Real Estate climate evidently is the luxury of having a wine cellar. The Sothebys brand is synonymous with fine wines and has an assortment of wine collections in all price ranges from $14 up to roughly $40,000 per bottle. With decades of wine experience and auctioning wine, the new retail venture, Sotheby's Wine, is now based out of New York at 1334 York Avenue and features variations of wines from all corners of the globe.

Whether an escape to cherish ones personal wine collection, a place to begin ones affinity with the art of fine wines or simply as a place to entertain friends and family with some wine, cheese and grapes, wine cellars are a beautiful touch. They can come in many forms, from the warm cozy cellars lined with dark aged woods that create a romantic ambiance unlike any other, to the more contemporary designs engulfing you in a unique paradise comprising of glass and stainless steel. Ultimately, the possibilities are endless. Much of the time wine cellars are even designed to be a hidden feature of a home, perhaps even through a secret door. So where can you find some of these wine cellars? Have a look at some of these listings below for that much anticipated answer:

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