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Real Estate News: Homes are Increasing in Size

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The Latest Trend: Open Plan Living

Throughout the past six years there have been various trends relating to the Real Estate industry across the nation. Of course, when looking to the more recent occurrences, the vast majority of these trends have been of the negative variety. From decreasing home prices to a rising in the average days a property remained on the market, things are beginning to change and swing back to the side of positive news, especially when considering the average home sizes.

It was mere weeks ago when it was discussed in a blog about the U.S. Census Bureau and the National Association of Home Builders sharing that new homes had been gradually decreasing in new construction size from 2009 to 2011. The completed data from 2011 discovered that finally these statistics have showed signs of improvement and that larger homes are once again becoming the American Dream as affordability, confidence in the Real Estate market and the economy as a whole steadies.

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) is showing that the past six years for new construction as well as remodeled home sizes both decreasing is now something that can be classified as a distant memory. Their quarterly Home Design Trends Survey highlights the latest architectural findings which proved an increase in architects by 20% who have noted a bump in the average sizes of the projects they have been employed to work on.

During the housing boom and more specifically in 2005, the AIAs same quarterly survey found roughly 50% of the architects to have seen a noticeable jump in home sizes. Thereafter, as the market eventually began to dwindle down to the levels it was experiencing at the height of the recession, only 10.8% of these architects realized growing sizes for a home in 2009.

The changing in the size of properties does not simply occur without reason. As mentioned in a former blog, the improving economy, as well as another blog detailing the latest uplifting signs out of the Real Estate market are all complementary factors. It takes a keen sense of knowledge of these trends by those in society to truly have the confidence to make a substantial investment on ones own home. Be it for a new property or upgrades made on a current one, one thing that is apparent is that the public is taking notice and that their confidence in the market extends for years to come.

So where is this added space coming in the form of within a residence? The past six years taught us one thing in particular, that formal dining room spaces were no longer as desirable. Now, the main form of layout that is sought after is open plan spaces where the dining, living and even sometimes the kitchen are all in view of one another. This not only creates a social atmosphere but a larger one as well, as these expansive spaces have only grown. Sunrooms and other outdoor living spaces are also becoming increasingly popular as the focal point or main great room of a home.

Throughout all of this, the fact that new homes are once again growing and that other individuals are willing and able to both add on to or completely redevelop their own property is a wonderful thing for Real Estate going forward. Not only is it providing a spark for the market, but it is also a boost to the economy, the construction industry and all other related industries that benefit from the development of a home.

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