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Green Homes: Netting Higher Sales Prices on Average

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Green Living Means More Green Money in your Pocket

Do you have a green thumb and are you imprinting it on your property? Recent studies have shown that you should hop on this bandwagon for your home and wallets sake, and fast. The University of California just shared conclusions from their research that insists Green Homes garner on average 9% more money upon its sale than a traditional home.

1.6 million California homes sales were analyzed which covered data from 2007 through where we currently stand in 2012. Of the aforementioned 9% boost a Green Home can achieve at closing, this on average accounted for $34,800. Also, in areas in California where electric and other energy efficient vehicles are more popular, the difference in the home sales of Green compared to traditional homes was an even larger percentage. Clearly, Green real estate is in and those who follow this notion and live and breathe its clean air mantra everyday are stern in their search for all things Green; be it home, car, and the like.

It appears as though the warmer climates of California comprises of residents who are more Green conscious than those further North. Moreover, comparable studies have even been enacted in Seattle and Portland, Oregon, where similar results regarding Green Home living percentage differences were also found.

This phenomena is even being termed the Prius Effect. A Prius, the full hybrid electric mid-size hatchback from Toyota, is one of the more popular vehicles for Green enthusiasts today. This given name for an effect, however, is used to explain the positive correlation that exists between environmental ideology measured by the rate of hybrid registrations and Green Home labels. So when looking to renovate or build your next home, remember to think with a Green hat on when choosing appliances, flooring, paint and more. Not only do these choices help our Planet but they also benefit your wallet from reduced energy costs and clearly are proved to be worth the investment upon the resale of any property.

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