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Real Estate News: Constant or Higher Prices for Recent Sales

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Prices on Recent Transactions Relative to a Year Ago

REALTORS across the nation are pointing out that upon the completion of their recent transactions, they are now experiencing constant or even higher prices than usual. Any stabilization across the Nation is an ever so positive thing when it comes to the values homeowners are getting upon the sale of their property. It was just yesterday when we reported about how homeownership is looking very constant and strong itself in this Country. Now knowing that prices are also following this constant or increasing trend and that there is Nationwide consistency, it is an extremely positive thing. Moreover, it shows that although places like Massachusetts are faring very well in this Real Estate recovery, other markets are also no longer experiencing such a tragic downturn in the business.

The REALTORS Confidence Index just days ago released data that shared results from a survey in which Realtors from across the United States partook in. It was determined that a whopping 69% of these individuals were seeing constant or increasing prices, which we must add is higher than Julys same combined figure of 64%. Breaking it down it becomes clear that 30% of this group are realizing constant prices, while 39% are sharing that there are price increases in their area. Of those with price increases, 5% of them even pointed out that the extent of these increases is on average more than a 10% improvement. These are remarkable numbers to say the least when considering where we were not too long ago during the economic recession.

More Information: National Association of Realtors

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