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Real Estate News: Fall is the new Spring Market

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The Fall Market in Boston is expected to continue to be rather busy

It is known that buyers and sellers are aware that Spring is the most popular season to buy. As the start of a new school year approaches and the crisp air of Fall returns it is shown that families are not only getting their kids adjusted to a new academic year but they are also subsequently getting ready to buy and sell their homes. In many ways, people believe that September is the start of a new year because of school schedules and the Summer season coming to its unfortunate end. It is due to this way of thinking that couples are now more than ever increasingly driven to get into the spirit of house hunting.

Interestingly enough, 27% of first time home buyers are now purchasing in the Fall. Ideally, most families and couples want to be settled in before the holidays, so this thinking is only logical. Some also want the tax benefits of homeownership in this calendar year rather than the next. Furthermore, survey's break it down and show that 20% of this segment of first time homeowners are more driven by purchasing for the holidays while 10% are moving with the idea of tax in mind.

Some attributes that come along with the search for a new home in the Fall include highly motivated sellers especially towards the holidays. Climate is also a big factor for buying and selling homes. There is usually a drastic increase in sales when the cold weather is no longer and when the warmer weather returns. As the Fall season is now underway in our local markets and due to the vast amount of success that the industry has realized throughout this year, we at Gibson Sothebys International Realty confidently anticipate for there to be many upcoming motivated buyers and sellers amongst our populace.

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