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New Year's Resolution: Boston one of the top Weight Loss Metro-Areas

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Best Metros for Weight Loss

Do you have a New Years Resolution for 2013? If so what is it? Chances are it is what the most popular one is year in and year out; losing weight. Well, recent studies from the Real Estate marketplace, Trulia and Housing Wire suggest that the likelihood of weight loss is highly dependent on where in the Country one lives. Time to move to achieve your goals? Unfortunately, this may be the case.

There are five key factors that determine which metro-areas make losing weight the easiest.

  1. Eating Healthier Food = More slow food restaurants as opposed to fast food establishments
  2. Commute Time = Longer means more time in a car or in a form of public transit. Cities where walking and biking to work (this is what Boston performs the best, as we also blogged about) are more popular show a higher propensity for weight loss.
  3. The amount of gyms in the metro-area
  4. Mountain Metros = More sporting goods stores, more healthy outdoor activities available
  5. The amount of weight loss and diet centers per households present within a citys limits

Overall the city that performed the best across all categories in the study was San Francisco while Las Vegas was the worst performing large metro-area for attempting to tackle the struggle of weight loss. Have a look at the photo along with this post and it becomes evident that the Upper Midwest and the coastal areas of California and Florida along with the Northeast prove to be the best environments to live in while having the ultimate support systems, facilities and lifestyles needed to help trim those unwanted pounds away.

More Information: Housing Wire

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