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Real Estate News: Growing Trend of Outdoor Living Spaces

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Exceptional Outdoor Spaces including Kitchens and more are becoming more popular

Lets head outside. This is the overwhelming notion that the majority of todays homeowners are having with the need to create outdoor sanctuaries equipped with all of the luxuries of the indoors. With the warmer weather comes the desire to be outside, although today it is no longer simply about adding a table, chairs, and possibly even a fire pit. Everything from fully capable kitchens with a dishwasher, stove and fridge to outdoor movie theatres, bathrooms, and other areas for entertainment are being created.

Many Americans no matter where they may be have looked to purchase existing homes and then put in added capital to revamp its exterior and make it more usable. Larry Smith, the Marketing Manager at Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens, points out that, "The homeowner basically wants you to duplicate what they have indoors, outdoors. Strange as it may seem, it's as popular in North Dakota and Montana as it is in Southern California."

Costing roughly $20,000 to in some cases upwards of $1,000,000, todays interior designers are being forced to focus their attempts of drawing up an inspiring wow factor of a home that more than likely is on the exterior. Greg Netro, the President of the Florida North division of Toll Brothers, mentioned that the past two years in particular are when activity has really picked up, "We used to build a modelwe'd put a little table with two chairs and you'd have your pool. Although in the homes envisioned today there is now the need for, The summer kitchen, the fire pit, seating areas and the extension of the indoor living area."

In fact, in a past blog we featured some of our spectacular listings which all have unique outdoor sanctuaries of their own. So as we continue to endure warmer winters and lovely spring, summer and fall seasons, the outdoor attractions of ones home will only continue to grow in popularity for prospective buyers and current homeowners alike. While homes are bounded by walls and limitations, the freedom of ones own backyard allows individuals to seemingly be an artist and paint the ideal comfortable retreat to satisfy whatever the desired dream may be for themselves and their loved ones to enjoy together. So with that being said, the canvas is now in your hands.

More Information: The Wall Street Journal

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