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Real Estate Tips: How to prepare your Home For Sale in the Fall

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Prep your home for the Fall Buyers Market

The fall season is one of the most pleasant across the State of Massachusetts. From the turning of the color of the leaves to the cooling breeze that signifies that school is back in session. Or what about the fact that playoff baseball is upon us (beads included), and that the unforgettable smell of cinnamon and pumpkin flows out of every mom and pop bakery and coffee shops lining our quaint, historic streets? It truly must be fall again, and what a lovely realization that is. So when it comes to real estate, what are some important things to remember during this time of the year?

With regards to the market itself, not many would have predicted that the rampant spring market would continue its successes all throughout the summer months. Well, indeed it did and only continues to do so. Both sales volume and median prices are sky-high, far outpacing the same corresponding months from prior years, and the average days on the market continue to plummet as buyer demand relentlessly holds firm. Sales in particular are at an eight-year high.

It is a unique situation, because while rates still remain low (though having risen), prices are still on the rise, and have yet to rise to their peak. In this regard, it is evidently an opportunistic time for buyers, yet with the plethora of prospective buyers causing a great deal of competition in the form of bidding wars, it is also an ideal time to sell.

The inventory levels year-to-date have been lower than usual, but for the aforementioned reasons, more people are getting off of the fence of uncertainty and are testing the market with marvelous results. So if you are one of these fortunate sellers, how would you best go about preparing your home for sale today? Here are some helpful tips:

  1. Landscape - The beautiful red and orange leaves are lovely on our trees and scattered around the garden, but prospective home buyers still like to see nicely manicured lawns. Either as a DIY (Do-It-Yourselfer) or by hiring a professional landscaper, ensure that your lawn is not messy and disheveled. For a really enhanced seasonal look, decorate around your home with warm fall tones in the form of pumpkins, pots, and more.

  2. Remove Patio Furniture - Unless you have an outdoor heater or a protected area via a ceiling or other form of shelter, it is important to take your patio furniture into storage. Not only will they not be in use during this time of year, especially as winter approaches, but the weather wear-and-tear to them is certainly unwanted.

  3. Inspect the Exterior - Being mindful that the weather will only continue to become more unpleasant to be outside, it is crucial that you immediately inspect the exterior of your home. Paint may need to be replaced, decks may need proper upkeep in order to last the grueling cold of winter, and the list goes on. From risks such as clogged gutters, cracks or leaks in your homes walls, roof, or windows, or if the necessity arises to trim back trees and branches, now is the time for action.

  4. De-Clutter - It is the moment where we change up our wardrobes, home decorations, and more. Before you start the showing process, ensure that everything is put in its proper place and is organized as buyers are often very meticulous when it comes to details; as they should be.

  5. Understand the Market - While utilizing the most seasoned agent who fits your personality and goals the best is important as they will be able to represent both you and your home to the best of its ability, it is important that you also understand how to navigate through the industry. What comparables are around, what has lasted too long on the market, have there been any recent price changes in the area? All of these and more are questions that you should ponder and hence become a master of. Only then can you and your agent come to an appropriate asking price destined to get your property to the closing table to the most qualified buyer and in the least amount of time; this is the essence of the Sothebys brand.

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