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Boston Real Estate: Northeastern to build $225 Million Science & Engineering Center

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The future $225 Million Research Center at Northeastern University

What currently is nothing more than a parking lot will soon see a truly spectacular facility built on the Northeastern University campus. This visually striking building aims to break ground next month on this stunning, architecturally genius design of a facility that will cost $225 Million to build.

To be used as a science and engineering research building, this project joins the long line of other universities in Greater Boston who are also investing heavily in real estate development. The growing attraction to these majors of study is a massive reason that the Northeastern President, Joseph E. Aoun, deems that such a significant investment will pay off. Nationwide, the past five years has seen the amount of students graduating with a bachelors degree in these fields grow by a staggering 19%. Looking to Northeastern in particular, the past seven years has even seen the University recruit over 387 tenured and tenure-track faculty, all while their annual research funding has more than doubled. Furthermore, the next five years should see Northeastern University grow its faculty base in these specific studies by over 300 individuals. Ultimately, the need for more research space that can compete with institutions all throughout the country has become more apparent than ever.

Aoun commented in an interview that, We look at problems and opportunities in our society and ask, How can we make an impact? Society needs to focus on these domains. The facility as a whole will encompass 220,000 square feet and will be built on the aforementioned existing parking space, which covers a 3.5-acre parcel along Columbus Avenue and next to the Ruggles MBTA Station in Roxbury. It will result in the creation of 630 construction jobs, in addition to 700 permanent faculty and staff jobs once it is complete. To be six-stories, this development should open for classes in the fall of 2016 and will feature the very best in lab space with cutting-edge technology and scientific equipment, classrooms, offices for graduate students and faculty, a large atrium, and a beautiful 280-seat auditorium.

A lead researcher, Jason DeWitt, shared that, Students have been gravitating toward science and engineering because of the perception that these fields provide more job security than other fields. Well, it is evident that Northeastern is paying attention to this trend, and for good reason. Applications are already predicted to skyrocket as the completion of this educational hub nears. Boston is still leading the way in higher education and all of the recent news about these local institutions continuing to invest and give their students the very best opportunity to learn and succeed is certainly commendable.

More Information: The Boston Globe

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