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2015 Consumer Electronic Show Presents Revolutionary Home Ideas

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is an internationally recognized electronics and technology trade show that takes place annually in Las Vegas. The CES is a sponsored show not open to the public that allows hosts to preview products and view new invention announcements.

This year the show featured multiple revolutionary home ideas that will drastically change the way you interact with your home in 2015. Some of the most radical notions from this years show include:

  • General Electric's lineup of smart appliances Whirlpool presented their products that are aimed to make users more in touch with their mobile devices. Their idea is to create a sustainable home ecosystem with interconnected dryers, washers, ovens, and even water heaters. Users will be able to pre heat ovens remotely, receive updates when food is done, and even turn off the oven from a distance.


  • Microsoft's PixelSense PixelSense will allow products that have the touch feature to no longer require the screen. Any surface can be the control panel with a multi-touch interface with the impression that life size items can be controlled within a digital space.
  • Google's Nest Dropcam Dropcam will allow users to monitor homes and offices via the cameras hardware and software. Security cameras were the desired item in 2014 and companies are looking to step up tracking elements with this device in 2015. Netatmos Welcome camera allows an owner to be notified when specific people are visible by the camera. New facial recognition technology will enable home owners to be notified when a specific person is visible by the camera.
  • Logbar Ring The Logbar ring is a no hands device that can control appliances, send texts, and even snap photos while the ring sits on your finger.


  • Wireless Charging Lastly, is a product that allows wireless charging for all of your devices. Energous WattUP can charge up to 12 devices all within a 30 square-foot range working like Wi-Fi for power.

Innovation is not only being seen in the architecture of real estate but across the board completely. These products not makeliving easier andsignificantly up the technology seen in newer homes.

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