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Real Estate News: Transforming the Old into New

With the massive amount of urban growth over the last few years, Boston and surrounding areas have started to planinnovative ways to supply housing. There simply are notenough places zoned to support the amount of growth that the city is expected to see in the next 15 years. The Mass Smart Growth Alliance and Mayors administration believe that by the year 2030 there needs to be over fifty thousand housing units to keep up with this growth. That being said, Boston Real Estate developers have revolutionized the way they handle this opportunity.

Currently, developers are transforming underutilized properties to create new and improved apartments, condominiums and mixed-use buildings. Whether it be old churches, office buildings, warehouses or old fire stations, these vacant buildings should not and will not go to waste!

In Belmont, a family now calls a 4,300 square feet former fire station home. The two truck bays were converted into a family room and garage. The brick tower, once used to hang dry fire hoses, is now three stacked rooms.


The Holy Trinity German Catholic Church on Shawmut Avenue in the South End will be transformed into an eight-story glass and steel apartment building. With the contemporary feel, some original structures such as the Gothic-style puddingstone structure will remain intact not completely discarding the amazing architecture built in 1877. There will be 33 condominiums with the lower units boasting Gothic-arched window openings. And yes, the church tower will be a part of this new development!


In Bostons Back Bay neighborhood, the former headquarters of Boston Consolidated Gas Co. is being transformed to 128 residential housing units. The developers decided they want the building to feel old and new keeping the aesthetic balance. In the public spaces, aspects such as elevator doors and fireplace will stay put.


Lastly in Medford, a city just outside of Boston, an old Catholic elementary school will be transformed into more condominium units. The former school of St. Francis of Assisi Church will be converted into nine triplexes and nine flats. Most of these units will have roof decks that look towards Boston so residents can enjoy beautiful city views.

st francis church

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