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Green Real Estate News: Google's Project Sunroof

project sunroofWith solar panels becoming more and more recognized for their eco-friendly advantages, Google has taken it upon themselves to create a user friendly way of bringing this to the attention of homeowners.

This new tool, Project Sunroof, is an innovative way to learn how much money you can save each year on your electric bill by switching to solar panels. It starts by using Google Maps and figuring out the exact amount of sun your home actually sees throughout the day. From there it calculates the amount that you will save each year if the panels were on your specific home. With this tool, individuals interested in going green with solar panels, will then be automatically connected to a local solar panel installation company allowing an easy and efficient process.

Project Sunroof is currently starting off in three cities; Boston, San Francisco, and Fresno. However, they do plan to expand this new project all over the country. With Boston being one of the only three cities with this tool up and running, homeowners can immediately utilize Project Sunroof by typing in their address in the search bar and finding out just how much money can save each year in energy costs.

SOURCE:, Google

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