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Real Estate Tips: Prepping Your Home for Sale


Getting your home ready for sale is no easy task. However, it makes all the difference and will result in a higher sale price.Even if you have to spend a few thousand dollars to get it to where you need it. Think about it, with average sale prices over $500k, its not hard to imagine a presentable staged home increasing your homes value by as much as 5% or more. Roll your sleeves up & lets get started!

Remove clutter Start by getting rid of everything you are not taking with you - call1-800-GOTJUNK or similar type services for worthless items. Include tax deductible donationsincludingbooks, clothing & furniture for items not worth selling. Next, box up everything you do not need for the next two or three months and keep in a storage room.


Personal Items Personal items, which seems to be the hardest task when making a move. Although artwork and somedecorative items make a place look welcoming, too many make a homelook cluttered. If you are unsure, ask an outsider, maybe your realtor to be honest with you. Remember theless is more school of decorating is best when moving - a few family photos on your side tables, not the family tree. Any furniture that looks shoved into a corner or hangs out into a doorway, move or store. Make sure there is a clear walk-way through your rooms.

Paint A nice fresh coat of paint can do wonders. Many times the trim can be cleaned or just touched up. Stray away frompurple accent walls, red bathrooms, brown kitchens... Remember, you are catering to a large audience now.

Staging your home If staging is a financial possibility, and your broker suggests it, my advice is do it. You can go online and rent only what you need. You dont necessarily need to hire a professional service if you think you can handle it.

Cleaning Up Just before you open house, make sure the place is clean (don't forget, clean your windows too), get nice fresh flowers or eucalyptus, a scented candle. A few other important tips:

  • Make all beds like you are in a bed-making contest!
  • Straighten you drapes/shades (opening them equally on all windows)
  • Fold towels in bathroom like a hotel room
  • Straighten pillows on the beds and furniture
  • Arrange equally spaced all Dining, kitchen chairs and stools
  • Clear counter best you can (even if just for day)
  • Open some windows and let in fresh air


The Take Away The time and money spent is worth it. After all, Its your house! It is the most expensive purchase & sale of your life! Now you are ready to make it the most successful one. You are ready to go!

Brian Back has been with Gibson Sotheby's International Real Estate since 1992. His real estate experience began in 1987 and has led him to become involved in both residential sales & development. He specializes in both established and emerging neighborhoods in and around the city of Boston. In addition to his real estate experience, Brian holds a degree in interior design from the Art Institute (Ft. Lauderdale Fl.). He knows first hand what it is like to be a customer having both developed and sold many properties in the city of Boston and surrounding neighborhoods.

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