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Extraordinary Listings: Two of the "oldest carriage houses" in Greater Boston

What once drew horses now draws eager home buyers from all over the world. The American Carriage House is a rare real estate gem and a special find for anyone with an appreciation for seasoned beauty.

The genius of the good ol patriot, these once essential outbuildings were originally built to store horse-drawn carriages, along with the tack and supplies that were required for their regular upkeep and maintenance. Typically carriage homes found in the city are simple in design and small in stature, while those remaining on the countryside can be magnificently detailed and grandiose. Although most homeowners have ditched the horse and buggy, these special structures still stand to provide antique aficionados a perfect space to make modern magic within historic walls.

Some of the oldest of these extraordinary structures can be found in our very own, richly historic cities, Cambridge and Somerville.

44_walker_st_frontAt 44 Walker Street lies perhaps one of the most brilliant gems in Cambridge: a newly renovated 19th century brick mansion with its own carriage house. This home, built in 1880, retains playful Victorian detail on the outside while providing lavishly comfortable living space on the inside. However, the jewel in the crown is the detached carriage house located at the rear of the peaceful and private yard...offering a separate space for work or family, a full bathroom, and a stunning loft.

30 Warren Ave - 1 - front

30 Warren Ave is home to another one of these hidden beauties: a two-story carriage house, constructed in 1871, believed to be one of the oldest in Somerville. Teeming with original details, such as wide board oak floors, pocket doors, blown-glass door knobs, and bay windows, the 2,976 square-foot home is as full of beauty and history as its horse-housing counterpart.

Contact Laura Palumbo-Hanson for additional information on these two special homes at She can provide more details on each of the homes special stories.

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