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Feng Shui: The Part of Your New Home You May Be Missing

IMG_1433-2-768x588More and more homebuyers are incorporating Feng Shui as part of their home selection, and are selecting decorating choices after they have decided on their new home. Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art that creates harmonious energy within a space. In homes, Feng Shui brings balance between the people and their environment.

One of Bostons local Feng Shui consultants, Natalia Kaylin, explains a little more about how Feng Shui functions in a home, and how to go about balancing your homes energy. Kaylin works primarily with Americans who are not well versed in the practices of Feng Shui, and with Chinese Americans who are looking for more advanced advice on the Feng Shui in their home. As a consultant, Kaylin will enter a home, evaluate the space, and then give advice on how to optimize the positive energy in the home.

How do you know if your homes Feng Shui is off? Kaylin explains that most people can feel that something is not right in their home. If you feel happy and relaxed in your home, the Feng Shui is most likely in line. If you feel unsettled or discontent, it is possible that the Feng Shui needs to be adjusted in order to promote more positive energy in your home.

Are there any easy ways to fix the Feng Shui in your home? Yes. Kaylin reveals a few quick things to do to encourage harmony and good energy:

  • Add more color to a room, paint the walls a different color, add color pillows
  • Bring in a variety of different plants, this improves the air quality and is visually pleasant
  • Experiment by moving furniture around the rooms to make the space feel more open

While these small adjustments you can improve your homes energy dramatically, Kaylin suggests that the best possible thing for you to do is to build your home in a way that will favor good Feng Shui. This involves having a consultant survey the land, choose the best location to build the house, and choose the right design of the house in accordance with the familys needs. If you are already living in your home, there are still many ways to improve the Feng Shui in your home.

Natalia Kaylin is a nationally recognized Feng Shui consultant, educator and expert in creating inspiring and supportive environments. If you are interested in consulting Natalia Kaylin visit her website for more information.

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