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Visa Policies Lead to Larger Chinese International Real Estate Investments


The US reformed its visa policy, making it easier for Chinese tourist to apply for visa, increasing Chinese global investment and Chinese tourism.

Specifically, Chinese visitor arrivals to the US surged 68% in December 14 and January 2015 following the unprecedented US visa policy change [and] Chinese tourist are forecasted to spend $422 billion overseas annually by 2020. This excessively high amount of spending nearly doubledfrom the $229 billion in 2015.

This jump quickly caught the eye of governments around the world. The graph shown below, illustrates the drastic average monthly increase of Chinese visitors to the US as well as Chinese direct investment in the US from 2011-2016.


Following in the US footsteps, Japan, and many other nations, have reformed or relaxed their visa policies in order to increase foreign investments. Six notable nations that have eased their policies are Australia, The United Arab Emirates (UAE), The Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam and Turkey.

Resultantly, these nations have seen a high demand for properties and numerous visits from Chinese buyers.


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