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Agent Spotlight: Max Vigliotti

A team player both in and out of the office, Max Vigliotti exemplifies the qualities of an MVP. The Stamford, Connecticut, native has made Boston home through lasting friendships and devout loyalty to Beantowns local treasures. Read more about the South Boston resident and expert in our agent spotlight feature here.

Though a lot has changed in Maxs life since his days as an undergraduate at Stonehill College, perhaps even more has remained the same. Max has cheered on former baseball teammates as they ascend to the professional leagues, while remaining a close friend and confidant. He has made the big move from Easton, Massachusetts, into the city, and even brought some college buddies along with him. Through every change, one thing has remained consistent: when he finds something exceptional, he doesnt let it go.

This value acts as a guiding principle in all aspects of Maxs life. A self-described creature of habit, he frequents the same restaurants and surrounds himself with the same tight-knit group of friends. The South Boston resident can often be found at Lincoln Tavern on West Broadway after work, where staff know him for his friendly demeanor and usual dining group.

My friend group doesnt really change, he admits. Friends are like family. One friend in particular has played a crucial role in Maxs life. Pat Tobin, a former college classmate, has been around since the days of early morning practice and away games. Now, an affiliate of FBC Home Loans in Boston, Pat works with Max on a professional level, while still getting some time in on the diamond. The two coach a little league team together in the South End. Going on his seventh year of coaching, Max cites this experience as perhaps one of his most defining as a Boston resident.

Every kid who signs up gets to play for free, he explains of the league, which is privately funded to provide kids from the South End, Dorchester, and China Town among other neighborhoods a chance to play the game that he loves so much. Through his many years of coaching, Max has had the opportunity to watch kids grow up through mud-sliding homeruns and candid conversations about life. For someone who values consistency and comfort, being a source of stability for those who may not have it is precious to Max. When reflecting on this, one player in particular sticks out in his mind.

He was 10 years old when he met Max on the first day of pratice. Through nervous energy and overwhelming excitement for the season, Max noticed something special in the young player; he was extremely polite and well spoken for someone just on the brink of double-digits, seeming just a few steps ahead of all the kids around him. He would go out of his way to say thank you and ask questions, aligning with Maxs own values of loyalty and respect. Most incredible, however, were his baseball skills.

The two have kept in very close contact since that day seven years ago. Now, Max is helping the standout player get into college. Through close connections forged in his days at Stonehill, Max has been able to put the youngster in contact with current coaches and recruiters on the baseball team. He has been to a showcase at the school, and is hoping to attend after graduating high school. Though Max may humbly say it is he who has been most greatly impacted by their relationship, its clear the two have a special and incredibly positive bond.

Relationships like these are a defining feature of Maxs life, and his is path tothe Sothebys brandwinds in a similar way. Max recalls a charity event in 2009 when looking back on this journey. It was here that he met BethDickersonthrough a mutual friend. A prominent member of the Gibson Sothebys International Realty community, she encouraged him to follow his passions at a time when he was unsure what that really meant. Extremely drawn to real estate, Max began studying to get his license. After finding out he passed the exam on New Years day, Max picked up the phone to call Beth. He cites this as a pivotal moment in his career and the two have remained close ever since.Now, he continues to foster his tight-knit relationships atSothebys International Realtywhile still finding success on the baseball diamond.

Learn more about Max Vigliotti visit his agent profile here.

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  1. Jeeanette on

    Hello Max, Please reach out to me. I am interested in moving to Boston.. Please connect with me.
    • Brenda Hughes on

      What a wonderful profile, Max. Enjoyed reading about your love of baseball and giving back to the kids in the neighborhoods. And especially proud to be a fellow Stonehill alum.

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