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The Thrill of Transition

Yellow road sign saying changes ahead with blue cloudy skyOur industry is buzzing with change and transition in all facets. Our clients are making life changing decisions often in a major state of transition. The essence of the industry, like most, is all about keeping up with what is current, embracing changes and growing. Its a timely and appropriate concept to reflect on.

Change and transition are two words that are associated with many negative connotations, while growth and transformation are words that excite. Ironically, you cant have the latter without the first two.

Ive always enjoyed the challenge of change and the possibilities it yields. I realized in college that not everyone shared my love for the process of transformation and it is completely understandable. I too have been very hesitant and skeptical of necessary changes in my life, and I know I will be many more times that I experience that fear. People naturally gravitate toward stability and comfort, and those are two words you cannot associate with transition -- with the unknown.

I spent all of 2016 in a program called Ascend. This program is run by Realogy Corporation and the essence of the training is succession planning, with a focus on using a proactive approach in your organization to plan for the future and harbor successful transitions over time. While we focused on strategies to do this within an organization, weeks of the curriculum concentrated on personal strategies to help yourself and others through times of transition. These transitional moments occur within every aspect of our lives, not just within our professional lives.

My cousin who is a well known Boston health and fitness blogger, recently reflected on a time of personal transition and made a comparison to a trapeze artist, as they must release one rope in order to grab the next. This statement had a major impact on me, as it was the week before we announced some pivotal changes within our company. I found the comparison resonated with my love for the thrill of jumping for the next thing.

I am in my twenties, which is definitely a transformative stage and, therefore, this is a concept I find myself contemplating often. I do however realize that life is just one massive transformation --one big transition from one thing to the next and as soon as we stop resisting change we all of a sudden become the driver; well start calling the shots.

I made a speech at my high school graduation and ended it with a quote from my father who is one of the most influential people in my life. He said, change is inevitable, success is an option. I didnt realize the full meaning at 17, and I definitely still have more to discover, but ultimately my take on it now is that we have a choice: to be the driver or to be driven. We can embrace change proactively or let change happen to us.

As you swing to catch the next rope, your momentum is forward. Your grit and focus in that moment is vital, as it will propel you gracefully through your next phase. Letting go is the fun part; its thrilling, as youre defying gravity. This is the state of change; this is addicting and adrenaline-inducing. When you catch that next rope you will feel relieved and accomplished, but you must immediately start swinging forward to your next move. If you lean back for too long into that feeling of relief, you will slow your momentum.

Change is inevitable, success is an option. Be proactive in your approach to life professionally and personally, and you may not always catch the rope, but you will feel the thrill and you will never go backward.

Written by Nicole Rideout.

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