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Agent Spotlight: Nancy Kueny

imagereaderA longtime Charlestown resident, Nancy Kueny has enjoyed both living and working in the Greater Boston area. Her attention to detail and deep appreciation of beautiful buildings allows for great success in listing, selling, and renting real estate in the area especially in her own historic Charlestown neighborhood. This has allowed Nancy to enjoy over 20 years in the business. Read more about Nancy Keuny in our agent spotlight feature here.

Nancys professional background began in the world of art and design. Before joining the real estate industry, Nancy devoted her skill and talent to jewelry design. However, when it was time for a career change, her keen eye for aesthetics and love of buildings evolved effortlessly into the craft of buying and selling homes. A gifted and passionate artist, she brings immaculate style to her work in real estate.

All art and design is related, she says, of the influence of her unique artistic background. This special awareness of the bridge between the arts allows Nancy to jibe with other art-minded professionals and potential clients. This is especially true in her beloved Charlestown. The oldest neighborhood in Boston, Charlestown is made whole by its historic buildings.

These historic buildings have a special draw for Nancy and her husband, Allan Kueny, who themselves live in a Federal home built in 1806. Though many know of the Bunker Hill Monument, and USS Constitution Museum, Nancy sees beyond these prominent monuments to find special meaning in the ordinary. From red brick beauties to early 19th century clapboarded workers cottages, the homes in Charlestown hold an extraordinary splendor unlike those of any other area in Boston. The Kuenys know and appreciate this fact, and dedicate much of their time the preservation and promotion of historic treasures.

A past president and trustee of the Charlestown Preservation Society, Nancy actively works to initiate positive change in the community. CPS is an organization founded in 1967 to preserve Charlestowns historic buildings in light of Boston urban renewal planning. Its efforts helped to save the post-Revolutionary houses of Thompson Triangle, among many others. The organizations mission is to preserve Charlestown's historic character by protecting our historic architecture and landscapes, advocating for preservation, guiding responsible development and educating people about the unique character of our community.

Nancy is also a trustee of The Friends of City Square Park, an organization with one simple goal: create more green space in Charlestown. The organizations dream was realized in 1996, with the establishment of City Square Park.

This organization is dedicated to promoting awareness of the unique history of this centuries old space, as well as making sure the park remains in pristine condition with the support of the Department of Conservation and Recreation, Nancy says of the Friends. It also puts on a variety of annual events, several of which, Gibson Sothebys International Realty is a sponsor. This upcoming July, GSIR will sponsor a jazz concert for the organization.

Stylish Tangerino Brasserie is one of Nancys favorite restaurants in town, along with Navy Yard Bistro and of course, Warren Tavern. This ideal blend of old and new, Nancy says, is what makes Charlestown such a special place to live and work.

To learn more about Nancy Kueny visit her agent profile here.

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