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Agent Spotlight: Anne Fantasia

Anne Fantasia_BWAnne Fantasia carries a fondness and appreciation of home with her wherever she goes. A longtime resident of Watertown, Massachusetts, she holds onto the loyalty and love it shares. These values are the driving force in Annes practice, allowing her to form strong relationships with clients and their families and target the best home for their needs. She offers a keen ability to determine the qualities of a place which transform it from house to home. Read more about Anne in our agent spotlight feature here.

A third generation Watertown resident, its no surprise shes chosen to raise her family and build her life there.

Its a great place to raise children, and in such close proximity to the city conveniences of Boston and Cambridge, she says.

Anne has seen the blueprint of her home town change quite a bit over the years, but the fabric of the community remains. The rapid expansion and development in the past decade, most notably the the Arsenal Yards development, have created opportunities and challenges as the community develops. A project years in the making, this onemillion-square-foot redevelopment seeks to create a welcoming neighborhood huba community offering an urban vibe with the ease and convenience of the suburbs. As part of Watertown, it naturally succeeds in this, offering a welcoming community for new residents.

The value of close-knit community is central to Annes work as well. I have this whole group of families that Ive met through one client, she details. One family in particular stands out in Annes mind: when I first met them, they didnt have children yet and were searching for their first home together. Now they have two and we get together to go out to lunch with the kids.

This type of relationship is commonplace for Anne as her professional and personal life often intersect in the best way possible. Anne tells of fond experiences visiting homes, going to weddings, and attending christenings and Sunday dinners. To her, loyalty is extremely important: its not just about the sale, its about the relationship youre able to develop. And she truly loves helping them find the perfect home.

As Anne reflects on her own experience searching for her first home, she recalls how her real estate agent was able to discern exactly what she wanted to lead her in the right direction. He brought her a home that a million people had passed on, one that was old and falling apart, but just right for someone with a keen eye for remodeling and design. Anne saw past the houses flaws and envisioned the home it would be for her and her family. With the encouragement of her agent, she purchased the home and transformed it into something incredible. When she went into real estate years later, Anne kept in mind how that agent had made her feel: listened to, valued, and visionary.

From this experience, Anne draws her guiding principle: to really listen to clients. At the end of the day, listening to what the client wants and using her expertise to direct them to the perfect home is what its all about for Anne.

I feel lucky to do what I do to be that person for other people. When they say, you really listen to us, and really got to the heart of what I wanted, its an amazing compliment.

With her principles leading the way, Anne continues to build her business as Gibson Sothebys International Realty. Luxury is not a price point it's an experience, she says of the brand. No matter your price point, everyone deserves the same wonderful experience and the same care. Sothebys fosters that.

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