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A Boston Market Connection: Four Seasons Sotheby's International Realty

As Bostonians wind down with the heat of summer, Four Seasons Sotheby's International Realty is just gearing up. Theyre used to it as experts in residence, they happily service the Vermont and New Hampshire areas through the longest days of the year.

Four Seasons SIR provides innovative real estate services in buying, renting, and selling homes. In addition, they possess aunique abilitytoshare the New England lifestyle. With local roots in Vermont and New Hampshire, and branches all over the world, the teams offer personalized insight in a global context. It seems as though they'vetaken on the qualities of their surroundings both grand yet somehow distinctively intimate at the same time. With over 200 agents, many second, third, or even fourth generation natives of the area, they know the sequestered details of place unrevealed to others.

Their offices are located everywhere from the shore of the Champlain Valley, to the historic Hanover area, waterfront of the New Hampshire Lakes Region, mountains of the North East Kingdom and ski slopes of the Vermont Ski Resorts. With 20 locations throughout the northern states, Four Seasons SIR is regarded as one of the largest real estate agencies in New England, with a longstanding record of success.


Homes listed by Four Seasons SIR are breathtaking; this past month, they graced our Instagram feed as part of the New Hampshire Waterfront Summer Fun Series, a feature of current listings in the state.

First up is a waterfront home in New London, New Hampshire. With iconic Adirondack chairs weathered by fond memories, the homes cobblestone deck looks out to deep blue water.

Next, a New England classic commands attention with a wrap-around porch and private dock, complete with a speed boat and mighty American flag for the perfect patriotic still.

The third home featured is sprawled over a grassy, waterfront plot. With yellow paneling, white features, and bay windows, it feels like the perfect retreat from city life in Boston.

Finally comes a beautiful, three-story property, with a wooden staircase and waterfront garage.

With each perfectly situated home, we become more enamored by the luxury New England lifestyle. Though New Hampshire may be one of the smallest states, it offers the ultimate summer vacation experience. It seems that some of the nations most beautiful features are packed into the state, just 190 miles long and 50 miles wide, sharing its borders with Canada, Massachusetts, Vermont, and Maine. Along with 13 miles of Atlantic coastline, the states beauty falls in its valleys, rivers, lakes, and mountains. Its highest peak, Mount Washington, stands at an impressive 6,288 feet over the White Mountains.



At Four Seasons Sotheby's International Realty, New Hampshire and Vermont roots run deep. The agents are invested not only in the current community, but in sharing their expertise with all who pass through. To them, New England is more than a destination its a way of living. A lifestyle deeply impassioned by nature and its simplistic offerings, offering a welcoming reprieve in Americas northern corner. Whether a native to New Hampshire or Vermont, or a longstanding transplant, agents at Four Seasons SIR tell love stories of the places they live, and work to share thosedreams with others.

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