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An Interview with Matthew Ferrara Part I

Ferrara dives into the joys, challenges, and responsibilities of companygrowth and development

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Photo by Planomatic

GSIR: We recently joined forces with oldCape Sothebys International Realty, our Cape Cod-based affiliate, and you were part of the forethought leading up to the official announcement. What in particular do you think Gibson SIR has done well in uniting with our friends over the Bourne Bridge?

MF: Companies try many strategies for creating value through acquisitionsbut only a handful actually do so. When a merger or acquisition is announced, people instinctively wonder who the other company is and why the merger creates value. To minimize the our company versus their company dynamic, Larry and Paul began the acquisition process with the most important question when considering an acquisition: Do our cultures match? They understood that the smartest predictor of success is joining like-minded professionals who share the same values, beliefs and best practices. From there, they articulated the added value they would create for oldCape SIRs agents and staff and in turn conveyed their eagerness to learn from them. Filling margins and portfolio gaps was not and is not part of Larry and Pauls logic. Whats more, maintaining the same leadership at oldCape SIR was critical to ensure long-term success. Larry and Paul are only interested in reflecting the best elements of both cultures and operating approacheswhich is what attracted them to the company in the first place.

Larry Rideout_Howard Hayes_GSIR

The photograph of Larry and Howard side-by-side says it all," says Ferrara. "The emotion and camaraderie in this moment shows their mutual respect for one another and their commitment to the success of the transition, in both words and actions.

Matthew Ferrara is a professional philosopher, keynote speaker, executive coach, and leadership trainer who has served as a speaker and advisor to salespeople, managers and executives across the globe. This year, Matthew joined the Gibson SIR family as the in-house thinker for strategy, connecting the dots between disciplines and applying creative and critical thinking to the personal and professional lives of our agents and staff. Today, Matthew delivers keynotes, workshops, and retreats in multiple languages for professionals in real estate, sales, marketing, technology, and product organizations. Atwo-time cancer survivor, he has discovered that the most important thing in life is doing noble workgiving his audiences a chance to express their deep inner beliefs through their careers.

Stay tuned for Part II of our exclusive interview with Ferraraas he exploresthe essential habits for a fulfilling real estate career. . .

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