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Agent Spotlight: Lisa May

After years in the industry, you have built a strong and diverse network of agents. Can you share any specific examples of how your local andglobal connections have been rewarding in unexpected places or situations?

I believe the relationships you build with agents in your own marketplace and others isthe key to success. While locally we might be representing different interests in the deal, we still need to work together to ensure the transaction goes smoothly and all parties feel fairly treated.

For me, one of the biggest benefits of being part of the Sothebys brand is access to a top-tier network of agents across the country and the world. I can personally connect friends, family, and clients with an agent whereverthey are moving across the globe. A seller of mine was recently moving to Cape Cod. Iinterviewed a few agents and connected her with the one I believed was the best fit for her, and she had a fantastic buying experience.From the start, she could trust that she had someone on her side who knew the specific neighborhood she was targeting and who had a strong track record in the business.

How has your marketing and fundraising backgroundcontributed to your success as agent?

What I did in my years as a major gifts officer for local institutions is very similar to what I do today as a real estate agent.The key to success as a fundraiser as well as a real estate agent is understanding what individuals are looking for and then determining how to deliver. Building relationships through listening and understanding is also key.

We become involved in organizations to give back and to fill a need within ourselves.We like feeling valued and we like feeling that our life experiences and professional expertise can strengthensomething bigger than ourselves. The more positive ones experience is with an organization, the more invested we become and the more we strive to support its mission.

What is the biggest challenge or most difficult moment you have overcome?

Developing confidence in my abilities as an advisor. For most people, home is their biggest asset and accepting responsibility for maximizing its value is much more daunting than I could have imagined before getting into the business. While this industry can be very fun, it is in no way simple like many believe. It took approximately ten years of working full-time in the industry before I felt truly confident in my abilities to advise my clients, many of whom are successful businesspeople themselves. There are so many nuances and twists and turns in every transaction, it just takes time to have experienced enough to be the expert. I was fortunate to have my colleague, LindsayAllison, actively at my side throughout those years.

Another challenge: running multiple practices in the same business. I am a real estate analyst, marketing expert, manager of a team of people, relationship manager, business developer, and possess deep knowledge of properties and how they work. This business is all-consuming.

What are your favorite activities that you participate in?

I have a secret obsession with crafts. I love to travel and garden and grow and fix flowers. I also adore spending time with my two sons.

Describe your perfect day off.

My perfect day off is spent in our house in Maine with the fire going and a hot pot of coffee brewing.After my coffee, I take a walk on the beach or in the woods with my husband, Tevere, and our sons, followed by time on my computer answering emails, catching up with friends and contemplating new projects I want to undertake. The tide would be low around 4PM so we can read in the late afternoon sun, take a walk on the long flat sand, and enjoy a glass of pink wine as the light changes.Before falling into bed for a relaxing deep sleep, we will sit around the table as a family or with friends and enjoy an amazing meal that Tevere cooked up for us that evening.

To learn more about Lisa, visit Gibson Sotheby's International Realty's website here.

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