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[:en]Agent Spotlight: Annie Bauman[:]

[:en]What did you do before real estate and how did you get started in the business?

I categorize my pre-real estate life into chunks. I spent six years in business development and sales roles, then opened my own retail business and sold it five years later after giving birth to twins. I stayed home for seven years and had my third child. In 2008, I began selling real estate full-time in what was a very soft market. In hindsight, it was an excellent time to begin as it developed a grit that serves me today. I received hands-on mentoring from a thirty-year veteran of the businessmy dad! He was an invaluable resource during my early years. I still lean into him for wisdom and best practices.

What is something your clients find comfort in that makes them turn to you for their real estate needs?

Im devoted to establishing a lifelong, advisor relationship with my clients. This means more time with each buyer and seller, but Im not wired for a transaction-based business model. Im highly sensitive to the details that swirl around the decision to buy or sell. Clients trust me to act in their best interest always.[:]

How are you able to give back in your community?

Via my church, Grace Chapel in Lexington and the Dover Mother's Association. I am contributing to communities in Massachusetts that have been hit hardest by COVID-19.

What do you love most about where you live and work?

The town of Dover, Massachusetts is a throwback. It's little. There are approximately 6,000 residents. I call it a village of Needham or Wellesley. There's one elementary school. It's also beautiful. It's been said the light falls differently in Dover. There is conservation land plus seventeen miles of hiking trails that offer a beautiful background to my life that never grows old. I haven't been on a horse since I was six, but stopping to let an equestrian cross is a majestic sight on a ho-hum Tuesday morning.

What is your favorite restaurant around your community and why?

It depends. For seafood, I like Row 34. For wings, Buffs in Newton Corner. For pizza, I think Anthony's Coal Fire Pizza is outstanding. The Farmhouse in Needham is perfect every time. Vico in Norwood for Italian. The Common Caf for brunch or cateringalso in Norwood. Desert Works or Guarino's in Norwood for bakery goods. C Salt in Falmouth. Clearly, I need to move to Norwood! I could keep going.

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