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Agent Spotlight: Ally Kinch White

We are pleased to present our Agent Spotlight on Ally Kinch White at Gibson Sotheby's International Realty in South Boston, Massachusetts.

Agent Spotlight

What did you do before real estate and how did you get started in the business?

I love this question because I feel like my transition to real estate happened so organically, and looking back, the path I was on for the 29 years prior to starting in the industry was perfectly paved to get me to where I am now. My first job out of college was in Public Relations and Events for Saks Fifth Avenue in Boston a dream job in high fashion working with all different types of people was the perfect way to enter the workforce. From there, I began planning trade shows as an Event Manager and eventually a Project Manager for an IT Media company, traveling over 100,000 miles a year in the process, exploring at every stop and learning invaluable skills about time management, organization, and quality human interaction. Meanwhile, my dad, a real estate investor and developer, was encouraging me to purchase a multi-family as my first investment. At 25 years old, I did just that. Then at 26, 29, and 31, I did it again and again and again. I found myself slowly becoming more interested in real estate than my actual job, and I eventually left the corporate world to try my hand at selling real estate. Nine years later, I truly believe I am doing exactly what I am meant to be doing and there are not many things in this life more rewarding than that!

What is something your clients find comfort in that makes them turn to you for their real estate needs?

I have been told many times over the years that I am a "calming presence" and the "ultimate sounding board." I often remind myself that this is what I do for work. I have seen hundreds of home selling and home buying scenarios play out, while many of my clients have only seen 1 or 2! When they are "in it" it can be all consuming. They are allowed to be stressed, overwhelmed and not to mention emotional. I think it is ultimately up to me to guide them through ALL the phases. This includes phases that fall outside of the real estate box! Real estate is a high pressure, fast-paced industry, and oftentimes the transaction is my client's biggest financial decision. I truly enjoy being the person that eases their fears, calms their emotions, and assures them that "this is normal" as we move forward through the process.

What are some of your favorite local hobbies, activities or organizations that you participate in?

I am the Chairwoman of the Board at my daughter's school, Blue Hill Montessori, and I serve as the Secretary of the Board at the Ponkapoag Civic Association (a pool and social club in Canton). I also volunteer bi-weekly at Saint John's School where my son attends first grade. My family and I love taking advantage of living so close to the Blue Hills and Ponkapoag pond for hikes and nature walks, especially over this last year!

What do you love most about where you live and work?

My husband and I lived in South Boston for 12 years before moving to Canton in 2017. We designed and built our own home here, so I guess you could say I love where I live because it is truly ours. I am also madly in love with our driveway and garage two things we did not have in the city and something I will never take for granted! Additionally, by pure luck, the neighborhood we settled in has over 25 children ages 7 and under, so you can imagine the activities and constant play dates for the kids. They are so lucky! As far as the town goes, I love the proximity to the highways, ease of getting into the city for work and pleasure, the local shops and restaurants, and the friends we have made since moving here.

What are three sources of joy in your week?

  • My two adorable and hilarious children Ashton (7) and Everly (3.5 she would be upset with me if I didn't add the ".5!") who keep me laughing and on my toes every day. Specifically, Family Fridays, which started during the pandemic (always pizza, always a dance party, and either a movie or fire pit depending on the weather!).
  • Decorating and organizing my home.
  • Chatting with my parents, family, and closest friends on the phone or groups texts. I am the luckiest.

Please contact Ally at 774.254.3388or learn more about her, clickhere.

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