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Gibson Gives Back: Anne Fantasia Strives to Reduce Homelessness in Greater Boston

Anne Fantasia at Gibson Sotheby's International RealtyOn a daily basis, Anne Fantasia sees the importance of home ownership in people's lives.

This year, Anne partnered again with HomeStart to drive donations to the Community Housing Assistance Fund—a restricted emergency assistance fund founded to help individuals and families experiencing homelessness clear any financial hurdles that prevent them from securing a place to live. As a result, Anne and the associates in our Cambridge offices helped CHAF reach its goal of $150,000 by September 30, 2023. 

Read as Anne shares what inspired her work with CHAF and her recommendations to those who want to become more involved in their communities. 

Tell us about your involvement with HomeStart and the Community Housing Assistance Fund (CHAF). What initially inspired you to work with this organization? How long have you been involved? 

I’ve been involved with CHAF for three years. CHAF’s mission is to end homelessness in Greater Boston by assisting individuals in obtaining housing and settling into the community, and by developing strategies to prevent homelessness before it starts. Initially, I was asked to make a monetary donation to their annual fundraiser. As I learned more about their organization, I wanted to become more involved and donate my time to raise funds to further their mission. 

Can you share any favorite memories from your work with CHAF? What are you most proud of?  

I love being a part of a larger community that comes together annually to raise funds for the continued support of CHAF. Over the past two years, through the generosity of others, we have raised more than $250,000.

Where does your drive for charitable work come from?  

Being raised in a family of nine, I was taught by my parents that everyone has something to give, and it’s incumbent on all of us to give what we can, whether it's our time, talent, or financial resources. 

As a busy real estate professional, how do you stay engaged in philanthropy? Why is giving back a priority? 

When you’re passionate about something, the question isn't how do I stay engaged—it’s how could I not. As a real estate professional, I’m reminded each day of how important it is to have a safe place to call home. I believe everyone deserves that. Working with the dedicated team at CHAF helps make it possible.

Do you have any recommendations for those considering taking a deeper dive into philanthropy?  

For those taking a deeper dive into philanthropy, I would encourage them to find a cause that speaks to them and one they are passionate about.  There’s no time like the present to jump in and make whatever contribution you can, whether that is donating your time or financial support. Great things can be accomplished when we all do our part.


Anne Fantasia is a real estate professional with Gibson Sotheby's International Realty at 1008 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, Massachusetts | 617.201.5883 |

To learn more about the Community Housing Assistance Fund, visit

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