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How's the Market: Condos in Boston With Brian Perry

Boston Townhouse, Boston Condo

I recently sat down with Brian Perry, a real estate agent in Gibson Sotheby's South End office. He does a lot of work with developers and sellers interested in condos in the Boston area. We chatted about the state of the condo market in the South End, Back Bay and Boston in general.

Boston is one of the most unique metropolitan areas in [...]

Inside the Homes of Back Bay: May 19th

Between the Trees by Eliane Markoff

Where: Boston's Back Bay

When: May, 19th. 4:30 PM - 7:30 PM.

Join us for an evening tour of art and design showcasing some of the most stunning Boston properties that the Back Bay has to offer.

We've teamed up with the Lollicake Shop, Art in Giving, HomeStart Inc, numerous local artists and homeowners for an evening tour of approximately twenty [...]

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