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Why Does Home Ownership Matter?

The National Association of Realtors (NAR), Trulia and The Boston Herald have some interesting facts to share.

According to a recent report released by Trulia and cited by the Boston Herald it may make more sense to buy a home rather than rent in the Boston area in the current real estate climate.

Did you know that the net worth of [...]

Back Bay Real Estate: New Copley Tower Gets Approval in Boston's Back Bay Neighborhood

Back Bay Real Estate

Can you imagine saying that you are living higher up than anyone ever has in the city of Boston? Well, you soon will have that very opportunity as the plan for a 47-story luxury real estate building to be built in [...]

Northeast Real Estate: Sales up 17.7% in October from September

According to the Wall Street Journal pending home sales for single-family homes grew by over 10% in the month October from September throughout much of the United States. Citing the National Association of Realtors as a source, this may be good news for the market as a [...]

Boston Real Estate - East Boston Redevelopment Project

Mayor Menino has very ambitious ideas about redevelopingEast Boston, namely through real estate investments and infrastructure. There is obvious potential in the area, now stamped by the Menino Administration with the name The Innovation District, thus why Menino has deemed it necessary to grow Bostons shorelines. One way to do that is to [...]

Boston Conservatory Purchases $5.1 Million Fenway-Facing Building

Fenway Ball Park

How thrilling would it be to be one of the 730 lucky students at the Boston Conservatory studying music less than a block away from historic Fenway Park! This idea may soon come to fruition as on January 17th of 2012, the Conservatory announced its $5.1 million purchase of a one-story warehouse located at 132 Ipswich [...]

Real Estate News: Year 2012 to Improve Housing Market

The analytics firm known as Capital Economics recently reported their inkling that 2012 will be the year that the housing crisis will officially something of the past. The loosening credit standards realized today is much of the reason for this hopeful turnaround. For mortgage loans, the typical credit score needed is roughly 700 which is [...]

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