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The Original Bloody Mary

The St. Regis New York.

Famed bartender Fernand Petiot perfected his recipe for the beloved Bloody Mary, St. Regis' signature cocktail, in 1934 at The St. Regis New York in the infamous King Cole bar. Each St. Regis hotel offers its own variation of the original St. Regis Bloody Mary.Now,food and spirits enthusiasts can create The St. Regis Residences, Boston's [...]

Inventory Still Low; The Importance of Selecting a Quality Real Estate Firm

It all started right here in Bostons South End neighborhood back in 1962 with a woman, Betty Gibson, who transcended all preconceived notions about what it meant to be successful in the field of real estate. This polarizing stance that the firm established from the beginning of relentlessly striving to exceed the clients expectations has led [...]

Boston is named one of the top 10 cities with successful people

Think about all of the cities throughout the United States. So many of them are full of industry leaders, Fortune 500 companies, Forbes list pioneers and the like. If you had to guess though, which of all of these cities spread from coast to coast has the most successful people living in them, what would make the top ten? Well, despite the [...]

Boston Real Estate: Suburbanites Flock to Buy in Boston

A reoccurring trend around Boston is for the younger population to flock to the more vibrant, exciting lifestyle of the city. In a recent article from The Boston Herald, we learn about the Hackney family who decided to move from the suburbs to the city. Typically, prospective buyers in todays real estate climate are targeting open, airy, [...]

Real Estate: Still the Best Long-Term Investment

OwnAmerica recently conducted another survey, this one regarding what the public insists is the true best long-term investment strategy. If one had to invest their capital, what direction would they choose in todays economic climate; would it be to invest in bonds or savings accounts, stocks or mutual funds, or perhaps real estate? It comes [...]

Boston Commercial Real Estate: Filene's Site Project to Restart

The Filenes site on lower Washington near Downtown Crossing at Hayward Place will soon restart construction. Initially, the location was proposed to be the site of a massive construction effort for Filenes however three years ago it was put on hold and this subsequently left a large vacant plot that has been extremely unattractive, many [...]

Greater Boston Real Estate: Home Sales Rebounding in Western Suburbs

The suburbs surrounding our city of Boston are some of the most affluent, charming and historic areas to live nationwide. As we recently discussed some of these localities have even been recognized by being ranked as some of the best places to live compared to other towns around the country. Well, the western suburbs are doing just as [...]

Boston's Wharf District: Can It Happen as a Neighborhood?

What is the Wharf District of Boston? Is it its own neighborhood, one that will remain as an after thought to Downtown and the Financial District, or something else? Here are some results from a public online poll:

  • 12.8% insist that the Wharf District is already a neighborhood
  • 59% feel the Financial District and Downtown is what the Wharf District is apart
  • [...]

Boston Real Estate News: Boston Ripe for Market Rebound

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When there are price fluctuations of roughly 3% or even less, that is a great reason for one to speculate that the market is in a stabilization stage. This notion, along with much more detail, was shared by the President and Founder of Local Market Monitor, Ingo Winzer. He discusses certain metropolitan locations that are the most likely [...]

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