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Boston Named Third Fastes Growing City for Commercial Real Estate Internationally - Boston Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate investment has seen a great increase in activity within the last few years. Our city of Boston is actually one of the localities that is benefiting the most from this commercial real estate boom. Safe core cities worldwide are being targeted by major firms for investment opportunities. Moreover, the recent economic [...]

Boston Real Estate: Condo Sales in Boston Rising

If you were to think where the Boston condo market was currently, what would you guess? Boston condo sales have just recently seen a 22.5 percent increase between the months of July and September compared to last year. That's 823 condos sold in Boston! There seems to be a lot of buzzing around the city with clients regaining their confidence in the Boston real estate [...]

Boston Ranks Third Highest in International Real Estate Community

In todays ever increasingly technological world, ways in which we do business are constantly evolving. In the real estate markets here in Boston and internationally, no longer are we faced with a round trip plane ticket just to see real estate we may never end up having an interest in. Now we are able to search websites and databases from [...]

Bloomberg Businessweek Reports: Boston Area Real Estate Doing Great

Bloomberg Business Week: Boston Real Estate

It's a great time for Boston area real estate. We have seen great strides made by many Massachusetts neighborhoods in comparison to those nationwide. Bloomberg Businessweek recently posted a list of the top 25 housing markets in the country and an additional bottom 25 real estate markets during the time period from February of 2009 until [...]

Top Places to Buy Real Estate in MA has identified 24 of the top neighborhoods in and around Boston and have awarded them various distinguishing accolades. If you are relocating within the state of Massachusetts or moving to the area there is some interesting information contained within the editorial. Below, we have highlighted some of the more interesting [...]

Back Bay Real Estate: New Copley Tower Gets Approval in Boston's Back Bay Neighborhood

Back Bay Real Estate

Can you imagine saying that you are living higher up than anyone ever has in the city of Boston? Well, you soon will have that very opportunity as the plan for a 47-story luxury real estate building to be built in [...]

Boston Starter Neighborhoods - Boston Real Estate

Boston Real Estate: Starter Neighborhoods

People, especially young adults, are generally pretty cautious about purchasing real estate. Yet mortgage rates are low and homeowners are now willing to accept values for their homes that in years prior they would be less likely to consider. What does this mean? Clearly there must be a place for the Greater Boston Area college grads hoping [...]

National Association of Realtors: 2011 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers

Boston Realtors

Where do we go to find information on a specific topic? Do we still riffle through books, per chance find the solution in the newspaper, or maybe we ask a friend? Not likely, we instead go to the Internet. The Internet will take on a greater role in determining how we portray and deliver our properties to our prospective clients from today [...]

Boston Commercial and Residential Real Estate: Boston Biotech Building Boom

There has been a massive surge in the biotechnology industry in and around Boston of late. There is a new trend amongst the corporations in this field in terms of where to locate their large facilities. But why [...]

Boston Charity Event: Super Hunger Brunch for the Greater Boston Food Bank

Greater Boston Food Bank: Hunger Brunch

From Saturday, January 28th through Sunday, January 29th of 2012 there will be the Super Hunger Brunch in Boston which will benefit The Greater Boston Food Bank! This is an event that takes place each January over the last two decades to help fight against the hunger struggle that so many around us are up against. For example, in eastern [...]

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