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Cambridge Real Estate: BioMed Realty Trust to buy Cambridge Place

A real estate investment trust that has been based in San Diego, California known as BioMed Realty Trust Inc. has recently purchased the large Cambridge Place facility in Cambridge, Massachusetts. This is very exciting news for all of those involved with BioMed. They can now proudly report that their presence in The Greater Boston Area has [...]

Boston South End Real Estate: South End Named Best Neighborhood

Do you live in Boston? Or are you considering a move? Of course finding the right neighborhood be it for permanent residence or for a vacation getaway is truly circumstantial. It depends on the people and what they are looking for, what will best mean home, or in many cases, home away from home for them. If voting were the case, every [...]

Boston Suburbs Poised for a Price Takeoff

We recently discussed how housing in small cities is likely to be hot in 2012. Once again, Jed Kolko, the chief economist at expressed his opinion about places such as Boston, San Jose, Austin/Houston, and Rochester in upstate New York and how they are some of the smaller cities that will out-do the rest of the country in real [...]

Cambridge Real Estate: Opening Up New Research Center

With the target date set fourth being the 1st of February of 2012, Amazon will be striving to open its first outpost in the Greater Boston area. As we've discussed in previous blog posts, there has been a massive boom for tech-savvy firms to establish themselves in Cambridge, Massachusetts. These high tech firms are mainly settling their new [...]

Boston Real Estate: Office Construction Making a Comeback

Office construction is alive and well in and around Boston, caused in part by large investments made by biotechnology firms expanding into the Boston area. The last quarter of 2011 saw dramatic increases in comparison to the first three quarters of the [...]

Cambridge Real Estate: More Housing on the Horizon

Last month there were meetings regarding the future of Central Square. In 2010, the Mayor of Cambridge, David Maher, established the Mayors Red Ribbon Commission on the Delights and Concerns of Central Square. The Commission has roughly 120 members from all walks of life who are residents of [...]

Boston Tech Sector: More Jobs, Boston's Economy and Real Estate News

Google seems to be becoming just as famous for their workplaces as they are for their immensely successful products and website that has allowed for such luxury. Starting with around 350 workers in a massive 75,000 square foot facility in [...]

Boston Commercial and Residential Real Estate: Boston Biotech Building Boom

There has been a massive surge in the biotechnology industry in and around Boston of late. There is a new trend amongst the corporations in this field in terms of where to locate their large facilities. But why [...]

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