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Boston Commercial Real Estate: Filene's Site Project to Restart

The Filenes site on lower Washington near Downtown Crossing at Hayward Place will soon restart construction. Initially, the location was proposed to be the site of a massive construction effort for Filenes however three years ago it was put on hold and this subsequently left a large vacant plot that has been extremely unattractive, many [...]

South Boston Real Estate - Massive Changes on the Way

Get a good picture of South Boston now, because the culture in "Southie" is about to dramatically change.

The much discussed Innovation District is totally renovating the South Boston and Waterfront neighborhoods. The plan is for young, tech-savy individuals to come from the world-class universities in the area or from afar, all to settle [...]

Boston Commercial and Residential Real Estate: Boston Biotech Building Boom

There has been a massive surge in the biotechnology industry in and around Boston of late. There is a new trend amongst the corporations in this field in terms of where to locate their large facilities. But why [...]

Boston Named Third Fastes Growing City for Commercial Real Estate Internationally - Boston Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate investment has seen a great increase in activity within the last few years. Our city of Boston is actually one of the localities that is benefiting the most from this commercial real estate boom. Safe core cities worldwide are being targeted by major firms for investment opportunities. Moreover, the recent economic [...]

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