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Downtown Crossing

Boston: A True Walker's Paradise

We all know how much of a beautiful city Boston is. Its differentiating forms of architecture hailing from various countries and time periods, the beautiful parks and green spaces, not to mention the quaint and relaxing atmosphere that commonly is associated with the city. All of these make for the perfect recipe for a city that one would [...]

Boston Commercial Real Estate: Filene's Site Project to Restart

The Filenes site on lower Washington near Downtown Crossing at Hayward Place will soon restart construction. Initially, the location was proposed to be the site of a massive construction effort for Filenes however three years ago it was put on hold and this subsequently left a large vacant plot that has been extremely unattractive, many [...]

Boston News: Former Filene's Site Making Headlines

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What have we recently found out from the standstill that is apparent at the former Filenes site on lower Washington near Downtown Crossing at Hayward Place? One thing for certain at least that has not changed is that the New York based Vornado Realty Trust and Bostons Millennium Partners are still in partnership as the primary investors. [...]

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