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East Boston Real Estate

Boston Real Estate - East Boston Redevelopment Project

Mayor Menino has very ambitious ideas about redevelopingEast Boston, namely through real estate investments and infrastructure. There is obvious potential in the area, now stamped by the Menino Administration with the name The Innovation District, thus why Menino has deemed it necessary to grow Bostons shorelines. One way to do that is to [...]

South Boston: Manhattan Style Apartments in the Near Future?

Boston is expanding at a rapid rate with countless plans for new office buildings, business districts condo and apartment buildings. Mayor Menino has been making a strong push to help redevelop many of [...]

South Boston Real Estate - Massive Changes on the Way

Get a good picture of South Boston now, because the culture in "Southie" is about to dramatically change.

The much discussed Innovation District is totally renovating the South Boston and Waterfront neighborhoods. The plan is for young, tech-savy individuals to come from the world-class universities in the area or from afar, all to settle [...]

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