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Innovation District

South Boston Real Estate - Massive Changes on the Way

Get a good picture of South Boston now, because the culture in "Southie" is about to dramatically change.

The much discussed Innovation District is totally renovating the South Boston and Waterfront neighborhoods. The plan is for young, tech-savy individuals to come from the world-class universities in the area or from afar, all to settle [...]

Boston is named one of the top 10 cities with successful people

Think about all of the cities throughout the United States. So many of them are full of industry leaders, Fortune 500 companies, Forbes list pioneers and the like. If you had to guess though, which of all of these cities spread from coast to coast has the most successful people living in them, what would make the top ten? Well, despite the [...]

Cambridge Real Estate: Hewlett-Packard Setting Up Shop?

HP Moves to Cambridge

The largest tech company in the industry is now setting up shop in Cambridge. Cambridge is increasing its reputation as a hub of high-tech and bio-tech firms to flock to (as we've discussed in [...]

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