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Boston's Top International Clients

Take a guess, what European country has the greatest presence in Boston in terms of real estate purchases? Surprising as it may be, the top two are Lithuania and Greece! provided these statistics to determine where such investors are looking to buy in the United States. For the whole European continent, [...]

Sales of Luxury Real Estate: Offsetting Market Drop?

It appears as though the city of Boston, and in particular, the more high-end condominiums, are doing far better in terms of average prices than they have in recent memory. We have been quite optimistic about the direction our real estate market is heading in as we go on into this new year, although the results are not consistent state-wide. [...]

Greater Boston Real Estate: Home Sales Rebounding in Western Suburbs

The suburbs surrounding our city of Boston are some of the most affluent, charming and historic areas to live nationwide. As we recently discussed some of these localities have even been recognized by being ranked as some of the best places to live compared to other towns around the country. Well, the western suburbs are doing just as [...]

Boston is named one of the top 10 cities with successful people

Think about all of the cities throughout the United States. So many of them are full of industry leaders, Fortune 500 companies, Forbes list pioneers and the like. If you had to guess though, which of all of these cities spread from coast to coast has the most successful people living in them, what would make the top ten? Well, despite the [...]

The Original Bloody Mary

The St. Regis New York.

Famed bartender Fernand Petiot perfected his recipe for the beloved Bloody Mary, St. Regis' signature cocktail, in 1934 at The St. Regis New York in the infamous King Cole bar. Each St. Regis hotel offers its own variation of the original St. Regis Bloody Mary.Now,food and spirits enthusiasts can create The St. Regis Residences, Boston's [...]

Is It Worth It to Hire a House Sitter to Take Care of Your Second Home? 4 Things to Consider

Luxury Real Estate

It is that time of year when proverbial snowbirds leave their nests in Boston and head south to either Florida or Arizona for the winter to nestle up in their cold weather houses. Homeowners with multiple properties face the dilemma of leaving their homes vacant for long periods of time while traveling for business or pleasure. House [...]

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