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Real Estate News: Warren Buffett notes housing boost from high demand and low interest rates

Warren Buffett is certainly a man who speaks his mind on many different factors impacting the economy in our nations society. Now he has recently been interviewed and shared his contentions about the real estate market trends from today and into the future. The real estate climate, he insists, will receive quite the boost due to the low [...]

Inventory Still Low; The Importance of Selecting a Quality Real Estate Firm

It all started right here in Bostons South End neighborhood back in 1962 with a woman, Betty Gibson, who transcended all preconceived notions about what it meant to be successful in the field of real estate. This polarizing stance that the firm established from the beginning of relentlessly striving to exceed the clients expectations has led [...]

Real Estate News: Spring Set to be Best Time to Buy in Years, According to

Ever heard of the Spring Market? Well it is back in full force and looks to be stronger than ever this year when pegged against recent memory. Many reasons account for this great optimism about the Spring of 2012. For one, the mild weather has been a massive factor contributing to the heightened interest in property. [...]

Real Estate News: Year 2012 to Improve Housing Market

The analytics firm known as Capital Economics recently reported their inkling that 2012 will be the year that the housing crisis will officially something of the past. The loosening credit standards realized today is much of the reason for this hopeful turnaround. For mortgage loans, the typical credit score needed is roughly 700 which is [...]

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